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TrevPAR Upsell connects with 100+ industry leaders.

Connects with industry leading software solutions like your payment processing software and direct booking engine. By integrating all your software with your PMS, it becomes much easier to control various operational tasks. 

Connect PMS

Pain-free integrations with all popular PMS’s.

Create upsells

Create your own offers with a few clicks

Grow revenue

Fully automated – No manual work required.

2-way Property Management integrations

Full automated and streamlined. Synchronization of data between systems; streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve efficiency by ensuring that all relevant system have access to the most current and accurate data.

1-way Property Management integratins

Synchronization of data only flow in one direction between systems; your PMS will receive reservations from Channel Manager, but it will not send availability, rates, stop sells, minimum stays, maximum stays, CTA and CTD to the Channel Manager.

Channel managers & connecter apps

Enables your hotel to list room inventory on all connected booking channels at the same time and prevent the risk of double-bookings.

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