How does the content on my website impact my SEO

Did you know? it’s estimated Google processes approximately 63,000 search queries every second, translating to 5.6 billion searches per day and approximately 2 trillion global searches per year. The average person conducts between three and four searches each day. Keep in mind having a well-structured & optimized website will help your business rank up in google search results. This means when people look up a certain product or service, there will be a high chance your website will show up in the results rendered.

Without high-quality content, your business will not benefit from search engine optimization & having good content on your website ensures your visitors have an interest in your business & drive them to stay longer, & promotes the opportunity of ranking better in search engine results.

Here are some other key benefits of content, in relation to SEO:

  • Quality Content Generates High CTR – Google considers your CTR as an important factor to rank your website – the more you get users to click on your links, the greater are your chances of getting better rankings on search engines.
  • Quality Content Helps You Generate Backlinks – One of the best SEO strategies is to gain high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites. For Google, high-quality backlinks indicate credibility and trust. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher you are likely to rank on Google.
  • Content Allows You to Incorporate Keywords – Quality content is the only way to make sure that you can strategically use your keywords. This will help you compete with other brands from your industry. 
  • Quality Content Provides a Great User Experience – SEO involves various strategies such as generating backlinks, writing quality blog posts and using good keywords. It also involves creating a website that has a good structure that users can navigate easily, optimizing your robots.txt files, and writing good meta tags.

There is no denying that having great content drives a great online presence. In web design, content planning & search engine optimization can not be isolated & requires good planning. Essentially, SEO and content cannot work successfully in isolation. In order for your business to enjoy the benefits of having a website, one should focus on creating great quality that is meaning & structured well for search engine ranking.